Gym closing @ 12pm Wed 5/22, Gym CLOSED Fri 5/24, Open gym 10-1pm Sat 5/25

Pre-K Half Day Activities Camp

Provides parents an opportunity for their child to participate in a fun, clean environment.  We will offer 2 day, 3 day or 4/5 days a week program from 9-12 pm for *2-5 year old that works best for you and your child.  We provide an enjoyable learning experience.  Activities will focus on fine and gross motor movements, social skills, arts and crafts, and preschool foundations (alphabet, numbers, shapes, etc..).  There are many benefits of our activity camp for children as we provide action based learning techniques which enhances:

  • Social and motor skill development - Climbing and playing with friends
  • Increases school readiness - Learning colors, shapes, numbers and alphabet
  • Building developing muscles, bones, and joints - Climbing, jumping and running
  • Reducing fat and lowering blood pressure - Through moving and having healthy snacks
  • Increases learning ability - Improves memory retention, increases focus and attention
  • Develops a healthier social, cognitive, and emotional skills - Learn to share, take turns, support each other and build self confidence
Studies have shown that the brain body connection focuses on the 12 foundations of learning readiness.  For example. the body’s vestibular system controls balance and spatial awareness so, strengthening these foundations facilitates the child's ability to place words and letters on a page.  By walking or crawling in specific patterns, the brain’s ability to encode symbols is increased.  The proper development of these systems are critical to a childs’ ability to learn. 

*If you have a child that is not quite 2 and stable on their feet, they may be considered as well. Please inquire within.